Vrimibo Sign-Up

Hi entrepreneurs!

The Vrimibo sign-up sheet (next to the coffee machine) has been updated.
There are quite some slots open from the end of July until the beginning of September.

We all know that some of you will be on holiday, but for who is staying here; sign up and make use of the sunny wheather and move the Friday Drinks outside.
Write your company’s name on the sheet and when you’re almost up, you’ll receive general info and the barmaster sheet from YES!Delft.

In short, a fun way to get to know the community better and take time to relax :). Hope to see many new companies on the list soon!


Leonie (YES!Delft)


Note: Only YES!Delft companies can organize the Friday Afternoon Drinks.

Grow with Hubspot

21st June – Amsterdam, HubSpot

Education for startups / small businesses on how to grow and scale their sales and marketing. Startups get the chance to understand in-depth processes for growing their sales & marketing efforts from the ground up.

Is revenue growth a top priority for your company in 2017? Are you confident that your strategy is strong enough to deliver that growth? Join us at Grow with HubSpot Amsterdam, a full day, FREE event, where you will learn how to use inbound marketing & sales to increase your business’ market share from industry experts, and make this a year of remarkable growth.

Sign up for the event here.

Cost: Free


Call for water or agro startups – by the Young Expert Programmes (YEP)

This is a call for (water or agro) startups&scale-ups operating in the following countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

The Young Expert Programmes (YEP) offers you the possibility to employ a young expert up to 2 years in the country you operate in. But that is not all! By joining the program you will also receive financial support up to €40.000 per year! A detailed explanation of the financial aspects of the program can be found in this link

On June 14th at 09.00 a.m. the team of YEP will come to YES!Delft to inform you about your possibilities and answer all your questions regarding the program. You can find them at the white MOCS bar in the central hall.

Are you interested in joining the talk on the 14th of June please send an email to sanne@thepunchypack.nl. If you want to receive information about the program you can also send an email to the same email address.



The Green Village: speed up experimenting of durable innovation and participation innovatie én participatie.

Delft city council is currently preparing a new Environment Plan for The Green Village. In this regard we are looking for residents, businesspeople, students and tutors to share their thoughts and views.


WHat is GOING TO HAPPEN? We would like you to join us in preparing the Environment Plan. So we hereby invite residents, students, tutors and businesspeople in the vicinity of The Green Village to share and contribute their views. City residents are also invited to throw in their ideas and opinions, both on the Environment Plan and on the way and time for delivering their corresponding views and contributions. This is how we work together in Delft; this is the new Delft participation approach dubbed as ‘Delfts Doen’ (‘Delft Doings’).

INTERACTIVE SESSIonS Before summer we will start compiling an inventory of how you would prefer to become involved in the Environment Plan and the content and themes that you regard as important. After summer we will be organising interactive sessions for you to actively join. During these gatherings we will be tackling the outcome of the inventory we prepared until then. The preferences and wishes expressed in the inventory will be taken as starting-points for all of us together to set the participation course to be followed after the summer and decide on the themes to be put on the agenda.

joining UP Would you like to be sharing your views on our way towards The Green Village Environment Plan? Then join us by registering at omgevingswet@delft.nl. That way you would be helping us improve ‘Delfts Doen’ together.

get to know us On 8 June next there is a preliminary get-together for mutual introduction during the Research Exhibition at The Green Village.

Delft Data Science (DDS) – Startup Meeting & Data Science Tour

Delft Data Science (DDS) would like to invite you to the To Start Up Meeting and the Data Science Tour on the 6th of June from 14:00-17:00.

To Start Up Meeting

We have organised a get together with you, our researchers and other companies where you can present your company and big data challenges in a pre-meeting.

Since you come across big data challenges in your start-up, we would like to use this opportunity for you to pitch your challenges to our researchers.

Afterwards, our researchers will present their work in the Data Science Tour. If you would like to present your company, please contact us via m.a.wassenaar@tudelft.nl.

Data Science Tour

The largest science expo of the Netherlands: the TU Delft Research Exhibition is held as a tribute to the 175th anniversary of TU Delft.

We will do a data science tour through the research exhibition to present our researchers and show you the broad scope of data science research we do at DDS.

At the end, there will be a network opportunity with some drinks.

Data scientists that we would like to highlight are amongst others:

Alessandro Bozzon, he will show his Social Glass platform wherein public available datasets and social media streams are combined to support city planning and decision-making.

Cynthia Liehm will show her research on the science of musical taste.

Johan Pouwelse is our top researcher on the topic of block chain.

In addition, Zaid Al-Ars is a very passionate researcher improving the world with his data science in the health domain.

Where, When & How

We would like to gather in the Commissiekamer 3 in the AULA at 14:00  for the To Start Up Meeting and from there we will start the Data Science Tour through the Library of the TU Delft at 15:00. We look very much forward seeing you in the AULA. There are only a select amount of places so please register here before the end of May.


Rotterdam Make It Happen Meet-up on 28-June

We would like to invite you to the ‘Rotterdam Make It Happen Meet-up’, 28th of June 2017 between 15.00-18.00h, followed by drinks.

This project is about creating ideas that would make the city of Rotterdam even more attractive for entrepreneurs. Do you have an idea, opinion or vision for the entrepreneurial city of Rotterdam? Then you are welcome at this Meet-up to brainstorm with like-minded people.

Interested? Then join here.