Incubation Programme

The YES!Delft Incubation Programme offers a mix of facilities, activities, education and support. With a unique learning programme, expert advice and knowledge and experience in relevant industries with business and industry experts, coaches and mentors.

Foundation: 6 month program 

Foundation – the first six months of the Incubation Program, during which you intensively focus on the getting the basics right. YES!Delft believes setting a strong foundation is the key to fast and sustainable growth. During Foundation you work on the credibility of your company:

Risk Assessment: identify and analyze internal and external risk factors that could either boost your business or become show-stoppers; short-term and long-term.

Milestone Planning: gather evidence that shows the technology is working and has commercial feasibility. You assess market needs and create detailed planning along your project timeline.

Strategic Plan: define a long-term strategic plan that includes a projection of the future situation of your company. You build a financial model that shows the impact of your decisions and indicates your capital needs.

In addition, you get all the necessary documents in place that give your company a sound structure in order to grow. You formalize your administration, P&L & financials and supporting systems. You have access to pre-seed funding (up to €15.000 per co-founder) and YES!Delft offers you the option to rent office & work space. You also get full access to the extensive YES!Delft network of partners, investors, coaches and experts.

During Foundation you have a dedicated mentor – an experienced entrepreneur – to support your startup journey during the first six months. Want to become a mentor as a YES!Delft alumni founder? Email to

YES!Delft believes in grow or go: together we ensure you stay on-track and progress – working on what has impact.

Masterclasses & workshops

Will be announced via our weekly newsletter.

Other YES!Delft support


When the continuity of the startup is threatened by a dispute between the startup and one or more other parties, between one or more shareholders and another party or between shareholders, mediation might be an effective solution. YES!Delft has contact with several mediators, that we can recommend based on the nature of the dispute. The costs of mediation are to be borne by all involved parties, as this commits them to bringing the process to an end. If the start up or one of the other parties (such as a founder) is not (yet) able to bear its share of the costs of mediation, YES!Delft is prepared to pay the costs of mediation in advance, provided that:

  • The startup or other party requiring finance files a written request with YES!Delft and submits documentation showing that it cannot bear (its share of) the costs of the mediation.
  • The maximum advance for each mediation is for a total of 15 hours at EUR 150 per hour, therefore EUR 2250 in total.
  • After the mediation has been completed, YES!Delft will discuss with the startup and / or other party requesting finance the repayment of (part of) the financed costs.

How can you contribute to and get the most out of the community?

Press – If you mention YES!Delft in the press (e.g. paper, television or radio), and you’ve managed to get in the paper on your own accord then YES!Delft will give you a free bottle of bubbles at our next business lunch. Please send the article to YES!Delft.

Coaching – YES!Delft offers you coaching, but never underestimate your own coaching skills! LaunchLab teams are always looking for a coach, and you can help by offering your own entrepreneurial expertise as a coach and sparringpartner. Contact Lisette.

Tech experts – As a CTO, you probably know a lot about building prototypes. Valuable knowledge that early-stage startups can really benefit from. Apply for Prototyping Day as by contacting Lisette.

Spread the word about YES!Delft – ask YES!Delft if you’d like to receive some logos, images and slides for your presentation in which you’d like to say something about YES!Delft.

Writing a knowledge-based blog for fellow entrepreneurs – Send an e-mail to Kartika if you know a lot about a certain topic (e.g. crowdfunding, doing business internationally, finding investment for your company etc.).

Important visitors – If you are welcoming an important person (e.g. minister, corporate boardmember, investor etc.), who could be relevant for someone else in the community please contact Fabienne if an introduction to YES!Delft is possible.

Principles – Get to know YES!Delft’s principles by heart and be sure to carry them out to the outside world. Everyone should know that you are our number one concern, and everything else should be structured so that you can grow. Ask Fabienne.

VrijMiBo – Organise the Friday afternoon drinks at YES!Delft. We provide the drinks, you are in charge of promotion, set up at 17.00h and store afterwards. Sign up via the list at coffee corner in the main hall or ask Lisette for more information.

Slack – join all founders on Slack (communication app), more information or invitation is available for founders via Fabienne at YES!Delft.

Events: actively join our events e.g. (will be announced in the weekly newsletter and the Google Calandar on this platform).

  • Friday Afternoon Drinks (1x week)
  • Business Lunch (1x quarter)
  • YES!BBQ (1x year)
  • Christmas party (1x year)
  • Organize your own event / activity / Champagne moment – ask Fabienne.